Overview – Comprehensive Ear Training Professional Series


Book with 2 Compact Discs or Book only

Perfect for the teacher or student who wants the most complete Ear Training system.

  • SO EASY–  Open to the Worksheets,  listen to the CD, play the exercise, record your answers on the Worksheet, check your answers with the Book.  Use the worksheets to monitor your progress and watch the improvement!
  • All music is fully scored in the book
  • PianoTeacherNumber of Sessions:  56-64 complete sessions
  • Also includes:
    • Introductory Exercises to introduce new material for the grade
    • Additional Exercises to target problems areas
  • Available Grades: 1 – 10 plus Diploma (ARCT)
  • Book with 2 CDs or Book only
  • Suggested Retail:  Book only – or  Book/2CD –

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All Royal Conservatory Examinations and Music Development Program requirements for each grade are included in every session.