Grade 4 – Sight Singing Solution

sss704Grade 4 includes 26 ‘mini-exam’ Sessions and 5 “Name the Tune” fun Sessions for more than 90 practice Sight Singing melodies.Key of Exercises: G+ & F+Length of Melody: 4 bars with 16 – 23 notes

Time Signatures: 2/4, 3/4,  4/4, 6/8
Rhythms:  4-4-Grade-2-and-up     and     a_6-8-Grade-4-and-up
Interval Distances: 
-2nds,+2nds, -3rds, +3rds up and down, P4th, P5th , +6th up, P5th, -6th  and P8th down

EXAMPLE SESSION- Grade 4 (Session 1)
The CD plays the tonic chord and starting note of the
Read the music through.  The starting note is played again.  Sight sing the melody.  When you are finished, listen or sing along as the answer is played.
Melody 1
Melody 2
Melody 3
Play Grade 4 Session 1 sample:
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